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Sound studio for mixing and mastering

Do you want to take your music productions to a higher level? Then it is sometimes difficult to hand over the mix. Most musicians nowadays have possibilities to mix their music themselves. But in most cases it is wiser to outsource the mixing & mastering part to someone who has a lot of experience with this and can approach production with a fresh and technical perspective. Whether it is about EDM, pop, rock, gospel, R&B, country, soul, or everything that comes close, you are welcome for almost all types of music and your production is in very good hands! During the mixing proccess you'll have regular contact with your engineer Peter, to make your wishes clear and to adjust them. Peter followed a professional audio-technical education as a solid basis and more than 25 years of experience as an all-round sound engineer.

The work is done from an acoustically adapted studio space using digital and analog techniques. Listen to some examples here

have music mixed

Online Mixing

With mixing studio online you have your music mixed through the online exchange of audio files. Just send all the audio tracks separately via preferably we-transfer and send your wishes and any reference music along with it. The mix is made in consultation, there are several consultation moments at which you can indicate what you want. So mixing online is certainly not impersonal and you can check the mix in the meantime on your own monitoring system / speakers, in your own environment and possibly at other locations. Read more...

Online Mastering

Online Mastering

Whether it's only about minor corrections to the frequency spectrum or the stereo image, or more radical adjustments and improvements, mixing studio online will professionally master your music for you. In certain cases, unmastered recordings or mixes sound thin and / or lifeless, in which case you will be amazed what a good mastering session means for your music! Mixing studio online also provides stem mastering. in that case you split your mix into a number of different groups, which can be mastered separately. Read more...

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