Online music studio for mixing and mastering

Get your music mixed and mastered professionally, fast and affordable? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you produce music at home, work for a record company or music publisher, or created recordings with your band: the music should eventually be mixed and mastered. This is work in which Mixing Studio Online is specialized. With an Audio Engineering diploma and over 23 years experience as an all round sound engineer, your tracks will be in good hands! Mixing Studio Online is based in The Netherlands near Amsterdam. 

The work is done from an acoustically modified studio, using modern techniques.

Online Mixing Service

At Mixing Studio Online you can get your songs mixed by online sharing of audio files. All musical genres are welcome: we love to work with all kinds of music and consider it a privilege to mix your music!  Just send all the audio tracks separately preferably via Wetransfer and send your wishes and some reference music. The final online mixing is done in consultation. There are several opportunities during the process where you can provide your input. The online mixing service is certainly not impersonal and you can check the interim mix on your own monitoring / speakers in your own environment and possibly in other locations.  Read More....

Online Mastering Services

Whether it's just about minor corrections of the frequency spectrum or the stereo image, or more drastic adjustments and improvements, Mixing Studio Online will master your songs professionally. In some cases, recordings or unmastered mixes sound a bit thin and / or lifeless, in that case you will be amazed what a good online mastering session means for your music! But also when your mix is near perfect, it's good to let a pair of fresh ears listen to it and make minor adjustments when needed. We also provide stem-mastering. in that case, split your final mix into a number of different groups, which can be mastered separately. Read More....