‘Music Mixing Mastering’ and ‘Mixing Studio Online’ are an initiative of Present Productions

1. Material

The delivery of material is preferably online. Should it be chosen for the delivery of physical data or sound carriers, the customer himself must provide copies of the supplied material. Submitted materials are not returned. Present Productions is not responsible for the search or damage of these materials.
The final product delivered is delivered online once. The customer is responsible for the proper storage and, if desired, duplication of the final product. Requests for re-delivery of finished products will be reimbursed (if any).
Project files of Present Productions’s activities are not shared. However, it is possible to order exports of all individual edited tracks, for example, to make remixes.

2. “Not good? Money Back!’ Warranty

The customer can appeal to the “no good money back” option when he / she is not satisfied with the delivered rating product which is shipped in low resolution mp3 format.
This warranty does not apply to / when:
– Order the unlimited revisions, and when ordering one or more separate revisions
– Order more than 24-track mixage
– The cost of the order is higher than $100, –
– The customer previously done business with Present Productions / Music Mixing Mastering / Mixing Studio Online or received an example mix.
– The customer’s thoughts change about the reservation / order
– The customer changes thoughts about the submitted material
– The customer refuses or fails to provide clues and sends a reference at the start of the mix and at the revisions
– The customer has received 2 or more revision files
– The customer does not communicate for more than 5 days
– The product or service not under the ‘not good? Money Back!’ Warranty is valid
– Authorized use of this warranty scheme

3. Free revisions

With the free revisions, the customer will be given the opportunity to make changes. Per revision period, multiple changes / adjustments may be passed. The right to free revisions will expire when:
-The final product has been shipped to the customer
-The customer does not communicate for more than 5 days

4. Unlimited revisions

Unlimited revisions apply for a period of 30 days. Within this period, the customer can communicate his desired changes. Present Productions processes these adjustments as quickly as possible, preferably within 2 business days. If, due to pressure, it is not possible to anticipate the customer’s requests on a regular basis, then it is possible to extend the 30-day period. Present Productions determines whether and how long this period is extended.

5. Liability

The customer indemnifies Present Productions from all forms of liability.