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Mixing Studio Online - Online Mastering

Mixing Studio Online from The Netherlands offers online mastering for a fair rate, done by a real engineer. Mastering your music is one of the most important steps in the production process. A non-mastered song or track often has a number of problems which make it not suited to a radio broadcast, CD production, or online music platform like Soundcloud or Spotify. Always have your music mastered by Mixing Studio Online before you publish it!

The main reasons why mastering might be necessary:

-The Signal of the mix is ​​too soft and too weak
-The Mix does not have enough power and sounds a bit sluggish
-There Is too much or too little energy at certain frequencies
-Music does not sound 'fresh'
-Too much dynamics in the mix. The difference between the loudest and softest signal of the overall sound is too large.
-The File must be cleaned of hiss and other noises
-One channel is harder than the other
-The Stereo (and therefore often mono image) is wrong

In addition to addressing the above points, Mixing Studio Online can make several other changes in the mastering process which will make the sound better overall. Examples are adding subtle spatial effects such as reverb or stereo imaging. Let us master your song and you are guaranteed a full, rich sound.
The audible difference between an unmastered and mastered song can be immense, but the difference can also sometimes be hard to hear, even though it has been improved in several ways. Mixing Studio Online would like to master your songs! Listen here are some examples of mixes by mastering mastered music tracks / songs: Examples

mastering process

Some tools which are possible used while mastering:

-De-Noising / the-clicking
-EQ (Equalization)
-Multi-Band compression
-stereo Imaging
-Loudness maximization
-Track Leveling


Without mastering:

With mastering:

Mastering for streaming?

If you want to master a track or album, indicate for which medium the master is intended. For online streaming services certain rules apply with regard to peak-volume and loudness.  To ensure that you get the best out of the streaming service, it is important to take this into account during the mastering process! For the very best results, have a separate master made for each medium!

0dB mastering

The procedure is simple:

Step 1: Send your unmastered mix through wetransfer to our email address: Indicate your name, email address and phone number. Attach a text file with your wishes, so that we know what you expect from the master. Enclose also a reference! A piece of music (.mp3 can, but preferably .wav) from a reputable artist that you want to sound your master like. After review, you will receive an invoice, or possibly first a few hints when the mix asks for it. After payment of the invoice Mixing Studio Online will get to work.


Step 2: Within a few days you will receive the first version of the track mastered for you.

Step 3: You'll get two free revisions. If you still want more results, you can opt for additional revisions which you pay for each. You can rest assured that every revision brings you closer to your goal.

Audio delivery

Keep an account of the following points if you want Mixing Studio Online to master a track for you:

-Do not use limiter, maximizer or compressor on the master bus when you export your mix.
-Make sure the loudest peak in the mix is not harder than -6 dB.
-Upload The file in wav format, so no MP3 or other compressed formats.
-Audioformaat Should be: 16 or 24 bit and 44.1 to 96 kHz.

Stem Mastering

Mixing Studio Online Also offers Stem Mastering. Please contact us for a quote!

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