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Improve Music Quality

If you have a music file, for example a .wav or .mp3 file, but the sound quality is not good, in many cases it is possible to improve it. Using different techniques it is often possible to improve music quality. For this it is of course important that this is done by someone with years of experience in sound technology, so that the quality is indeed improved, instead of ruined. MSO has the knowledge to do this in such a way that the result is also “correct”, audio-technically.

Of course, the amount of quality improvement that can be achieved depends on the supplied music. In some cases it is possible to achieve a small improvement, while in other cases the quality makes a huge step forward.

To assess this, send the material via WeTransfer. Please also send an email with a covering letter regarding the wishes and your personal data for the invoice. At MSO –, improving audio is daily work.

The starting rate for improving the music quality of your audio file can be found on this page

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