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  1. Online Mixing and Mastering Studio

    There is quite a difference between recording music, and the mixing and mastering of it. Mixing Studio Online is specialized in mixing and mastering music recordings. In principle, Mixing Studio Online mixes all genres of music. Please contact us to discuss your wishes. Online Mixing Studio is experienced with all parts of music production, but we have chosen to focus purely on mixing and mastering. Some recent examples can be found here: Examples.

    Whether you’ve created a multi-track recording in the rehearsal room, or a complete live performance. In all cases, Mixing Studio Online will take care of the mixing and mastering. Even if you have recorded your song in a recording studio or at home, one track at a time.

    You will receive the final mastered mix in high resolution stereo WAV or AIF files (24-bit 44.1 kHz) Your mix will be suitable for cd production and music services like iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and so on.

    Standard, Mixing Studio Online also masters the mixes it makes, but if you like you can receive a unmastered mix also.

    The online mixing process

    1. All tracks separated
      It is necessary to provide all audio tracks separated. So a separate bass track, a track guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, and so on. Everything must be submitted separately. Give all these audio files a corresponding name. So, bass guitar, lead guitar, piano-left, piano-right, bass drum, snare drum, etc. etc.)
    2. Unprocessed audio files
      In addition, the audio should not be processed, so no compression, gates, reverb, delay, and so on. We need completely clean sound. The only thing is, if you use a specific effect on an instrument or voice which determines the sound, like an overdrive on a guitar, you have to send it processed. So in this case you should send the audio with the effect. For example, a leslie effect on a Hammond organ may be normally transmitted. (Well you make it work for us more enjoyable if you can can also enclose the clean sound).
      Besides specific effects such as delays or vocoders used on vocals. These effects need to bounced / Exported to the track.
      Remember that once you’ve used a stereo effect that you do a stereo bounce / export!
    3. The same starting point
      Perhaps most important of all: Make sure all submitted audio files have exactly the same starting point. We can not work with little pieces of audio that we ourselves have to put in the right place. We are a mixing studio, and preferable not an edit suite ?
    4. Deliver audio ‘clean’ as possible
      Make sure all audio tracks that you provide neat and ready-mix. So no clicks at the beginning or other junk sounds that need to be cleaned up. Every edit which needs to be done by us costs extra, so ensure your tracks are neat and clean. Also important to know: We apply no autotune or other tricks. So make sure yourself that the parts were played and sung correctly.
    5. Audio format
      Deliver the files preferable in WAV format with a minimum bit rate of 16 bit and the sampling frequency must be at least 44.1 Khz. We at Mixing Studio Online prefer to work with a bit depth of 24 bits and 48Khz.
    6. Reference File
      Deliver a reference song/track that you think sounds awesome and would like your song to sound like. Keep in mind that it should be realistic, we can not let an accordion recording sound like Rammstein.
    7. Deliver
      After we have been instructed by you to mix your music, deliver all the above mentioned audio files. We prefer to receive files via wetransfer. You can send it to our e-mail adress: use


Do you have any more questions? Please contact us!

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