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What is MIDI?

MIDI is a file format that computers and synthesizers (and synthesizers themselves) can use to communicate with each other. It dates back to the 80s, but it is still used with great regularity. There are huge amounts of MIDI files in circulation and some composers still publish their pieces in MIDI format.
Although when playing a MIDI file, music usually comes from your computer, this is not an audio file. The MIDI only sends signals to your (internal) sound card to play a certain sound at specific moments. However, the choice of different sounds is very limited and the quality is not to write home in 99% of all cases. Converting MIDI to WAV or MP3 is also necessary to play the music on other equipment.

Have professional MIDI files converted to audio

If you have a MIDI music file, but need a professional audio mix, mixing studio online / MSO is a very suitable partner. We ensure a professional end product based on the supplied MIDI file. You decide how far you want to go, from semi-professional by converting all MIDI tracks into sampled top instruments, to hiring musicians to play for example wind instrument parts. In all situations, mixing studio online strives for the highest possible end product within the agreed budget.

Websites to convert midi to MP3 or WAV

For example, converting MIDI to an audio file such as MP3 or WAV is possible via certain websites. Certain programs can also be downloaded. However, the result is always of amateurish quality. Suppose you are a singer and you want to convert the MIDI to perform with through such a website or program, then the end result will never be conclusive. Even if you have written or arranged your own song and you want to publish it.

Mix MIDI professionally

If it is important that your MIDI file really sounds good, let us work it out and mix it. Every instrument starts to sound professional because the process uses top-quality samples and (where necessary) really played instruments. After that, the whole thing is mixed and mastered very professionally, so that you have a product that you can use to present everything. The end result is also very useful as a basis for recording your own voice over it. Or it can be used as an orchestra band or simply as a professional composition of your own.

Convert your MIDI to WAV or MP3?

If you need a professional end product, you’ve come to the right place. With decades of experience working with MIDI and professional audio, your MIDI composition and arrangement is in good hands! It is not possible to mention a standard price because one number may require much more work than the other.

So first contact us without obligation!

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