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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mastering and do I need it?

By mastering a recording raised to the highest level. made it is also suitable for online publication, radio or TV, DVD or CD. It is the last necessary process that requires a track to compete with other commercially released recordings.

What is the delivery time?

Of course, delivery times depending on the traffic at the relevant instant. Consider mixing for about 3-7 days incl. Mastering and mastering for 2-4 days. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee, it can by any expressed or complexity of a job longer! Please feel free to contact us in advance to inquire about the delivery time for your specific project.

How do I delivered the finished product?

You will get delivered in the final end product WAV files 24 bits with a sampling frequency of 44.1 Khz. (Unless advance about other arrangements are made.) For interim reviews you get MP3 files.

How should I submit materials?

Look for it on the next page: How should i deliver my material?

What does a single extra revision cost?

“I used two revisions but have only one or two extra.” Loose additional revisions costs $ 10, – each incl The subsequent addition or change tracks / stems costs $ 25, – per time.

Is there a “money back” scheme?

Mixingstudioonline wants satisfied clients. Therefore Mixingstudioonline is very accommodating in providing a thoroughly finished product. Mixing and / or mastering however, is a service which is provided specially tailored, with the result that we cannot handle any money back option. In some cases it is indeed possible to first make a deposit, rather than all at once to pay the full amount in advance. The remaining amount you pay after approval and before the final WAV or AIFF master is sent to you. Please simply contact us!

Can I attend a studio session itself?

The mixing and mastering service is done entirely online, it is not possible to attend studio sessions in person. Partly because the rates can be low and can work quickly. There is plenty of direct contact as possible!

Can I submit my project file?

We prefer to receive WAV or AIFF files. A project file from a DAW (such as Logic, Cubase etc.) seems at first glance easy to exchange, but in practice there are often limitations in terms of compatibility.

Do you use external analog peripherals?

Yes, at the moment we have two pultec style tube equalizers for mastering and are planning for a tube mastering compressor. Mixing is mostly done “in the box”.

Can i receive an invoice?

Yes, when you want an invoice for your business, please send an email!

Have a question not listed here, please feel free to contact us!
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