Improve drum recordings with Drum Replacement

Have disappointing results been achieved with the recording of drums? Then in many cases drum replacement is possible. This technique uses triggering through the original material. The original sounds are supplemented or completely replaced by top quality drum samples. As a result, the entire production is lifted to a much higher level, without it being clearly audible that the drum sound has been supplemented with samples, or even completely replaced. The rate for Drum Replacement is negotiable, because it depends on the quality of the recording and the complexity of the drum part.

Example without drum replacement:

Example with drum replacement:

In this example the snaredrum is complemented with samples, while the toms are completely replaced.

(With thanks to the Dutch band: Vaart de Band. The complete song "Gevallen Maskers" is to be found here on Spotify.)

Please contact us if you have any questions about Drum Replacement!


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