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'Mixing Studio Online' is an initiative of Present Productions

1. Material

The delivery of material preferably takes place online. Should it nevertheless be decided to supply physical data or sound carriers, the customer must arrange for copies of the material supplied. Materials supplied will not be returned. Present Productions is not liable for the loss or damage of these materials.

The delivered end product is delivered online once. The customer is responsible for the proper storage and, if desired, duplication of the end product. A fee is charged for requests for the re-delivery of end products.

Project files of the activities of Present Productions are not shared. It is, however, possible to order the export of all individual processed tracks, for example for making remixes.

2. Free revisions *

With the free revisions, the customer is given the option to submit changes. Several changes / adjustments can be made per revision moment. The right to free revisions expires when:

-The final product has been sent to the customer
-The customer does not communicate for more than 5 days

* The revision scheme does not apply to auto-tune and other specific techniques. For this, the hourly rate is charged for adjustments.

3. Liability

The customer indemnifies Present Productions from all forms of liability.

4. Right to refuse

Present Productions reserves the right to refuse orders without giving reasons. If a refused order is ordered and paid for online, this payment will be refunded as quickly as possible.

5. Offer services subject to change

All (online) services offered and the rates shown are subject to change. It is possible that the customer offers a project that cannot be accepted under the standard services, due to complexity or other reasons. In such a case, contact is made with the customer to discuss a more suitable agreement.

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